Ever dreamt of a magical land with unicorns and rainbows?! Experience it with our unicorn scrub handcrafted with strawberry, orange, lemon which not only brings out a mystical aroma but also helps you achieve healthy skin making you want to never leave the real dream!

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SUGAR- Natural humectant, hydrates skin, is an natural source of glycolic acid and an excellent topical exfoliant.
ORGANIC OILS- Our mix of organic oils and essential oils hydrates and nourishes skin, making it soft, smooth and healthy.
ESSENTIAL OILS- Essential oils help to keep skin clear, fights the signs of skin aging, increases skin elasticity.
LEMON- Rich in Vitamin-C, Helps in lightening dark spots and pimple marks, clears and brightens skin, has natural bleaching property.
ORANGE- High content of Vitamin-C, antibacterial, makes skin look younger and supple, reveals glowing skin.
STRAWBERRY- Rich in Vitamin-C, fights oily skin, lightens skin, nourishes and revitalises skin.
ROSE- Anti-inflammatory, soothes dry and sensitive skin, helps get even toned complexion, moisturises and hydrates skin.
MINT- Mint is a source of menthol, has antibacterial properties, brightens skin, prevents acne, soothes skin, has cooling effect, calms and relieve stress.
LAVENDER- Induces sleep, restores skin complexion, calms and relieves stress.
VITAMIN-E OIL- Helps prevent signs of aging, keeps skin hydrated and calm, reduces appearance of scars, prevents sunburn, treats stretch marks, lightens dark spots.


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