We love it, we hate it! But not your skin! Your skin just looooves sugar. Sugar is a natural humectant which draws moisture from the environment, so when used on skin, it hydrates it. Sugar’s abrasive nature not just works as an exfoliant to remove those dead cells but is also gentle on your skin cos it just melts away into it.

Now, when you add other amazing skin loving ingredients to this wonder ingredient, it’s just pure magic! Aaaaand you guessed it right, our name popped from our primary  product, sugar scrubs!

We started formulating and making sugar scrubs using sugar as an exfoliant in a country where primary exfoliants are mostly based out of powders and that’s where our company sprouted from!

Since then, we’ve expanded our product range and all our products are handmade with extreme care and love, are completely natural making them absolutely safe. We work  towards expanding our product range now and then and aim to make shower time fun time keeping them all safe and natural at the same time.

So, sugars, next time you think of sugar, think of Sugar Pop, and let us pop some love for you!