Honey Babe

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A pot of golden goodness of honey, turmeric, and lemon pitting against those stubborn dark armpits.



SUGAR- Natural humectant, hydrates skin, is a natural source of glycolic acid and an excellent topical exfoliant.


OIL- our mix of organic oils and essential oils hydrates and nourishes skin, making it soft, smooth and healthy.


ESSENTIAL OILS- Essential oils help to keep skin clear, fights the signs of skin aging, increases skin elasticity.


ORGANIC CLAYS- Rich in minerals, helps to clear blemishes, draws out impurities, brightens the complexion.


LEMON- Rich in Vitamin-C, Helps in lightening dark spots and pimple marks, clears and brightens skin, has natural bleaching property.


HONEY- has anti-bacterial properties, moisturizes and clarifies skin, prevents acne, slows down skin aging, brightens skin


CURCUMIN- has anti-inflammatory properties, helps restore natural glow, prevents hair growth, treats uneven skin tone.



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