Choco Mint


The lip balm feels as good as applying chocolate on your lips. Tastes like Nutella and gives a cooling effect. Definitely, a summer must!


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OIL- Our mix of organic oils and essential oils hydrates and nourishes skin, making it soft, smooth and healthy.


ORGANIC BUTTERS- High in Vitamin-E, contains natural antioxidants, helps hydrate and soothe skin.


ESSENTIAL OILS- Essential oils help to keep skin clear, fights the signs of skin aging, increases skin elasticity.


BEESWAX- High in Vitamin- A, supports cell reconstruction, seals moisture, fights chapped skin.



COCOA- Loaded with antioxidants, protects skin from UV damage, detoxifies skin, improves skin
nourishment and increases blood flow.


MENTHOL-Has antibacterial properties, brightens skin, prevents acne, soothes skin, has cooling effect, calms and relieve stress


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